en route to flavor


What better way to get to know Oaxaca than through its flavors?

Experience a culinary journey with top chef Alejandro Ruiz.

On returning to Casa Oaxaca, you will add your personal touch to the preparation of a range of traditional dishes and savor your own creations.

Through his personalized course, Alejandro will guide you to experience different flavors of Oaxaca, revealing his gastronomical secrets along the way.

Learn about Oaxaca’s mysterious “drink of the gods.” We offer the opportunity to try an assortment of artisanal mezcals handcrafted in Oaxaca.

Chef: Alejandro Ruiz and his team.
Price: $ 160 USD per person.


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flavors of oaxaca


Get to know Oaxaca intimately by combining both culinary and visual arts.

Explore the artistic processes that take place exclusively in Oaxaca. Combine the tour En route to flavor with visits to art and artisanal studios and workshops. Learn about the art that is generated day after day in this region:p>

Ceramics · Photography · Textiles · Painting

We will prepare a tour according to your personal interests.

Send us an email to start planning your own personalized tour now:


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